I never thought I would end up with a Ninja ZX10R

Nunca pensé que acabaría con una Ninja ZX10R

Three years ago, Cristina shares her day with Kiwi, with Ninja ZX10R. The bike came to her when she wanted to get rid of your old GSXR750 K4, a buyer contacted her by proposing an exchange.

“He only had three months. When I saw, I fell in love, was a crush, I no longer could remove the head. At first everyone said I was crazy, that where I was going with a 1000cc, it would make me very heavy when putting it in curve, but on the contrary, I felt much more agile than the GSXR despite the curb weight of this last is 11 Kg lower than that of the Ninja, but the Kawasaki is short and weight distribution is also a great help”.

Cristina is very happy with how well equipped it comes standard with the ZX10R, debounce clutch, which allows you to lower the bike gears without culée. Öhlins shock absorbers, something that makes life more “easy” and both front and rear intermittent integrated into the fairing. Also loves the great reservoir having, though many criticized for its large size.

“The last thing I liked is that this model has a brake problem, which makes brake lever sink excess, in my case to get my fingers reached. But I fixed it under warranty, changing my front brake caliper by the ZX6R and putting metal hoses”.

Cristina told me that the Ninja is not an ideal bike for city driving, any motorcycle as R, but nevertheless, I use it daily for work, scabies does not sting like. On the road it behaves superbly, loves to drive it, either lower or higher revs, It is a very stable bike.

“In circuit I've only ridden once, last year in the 3rd Anniversary of Racing Girls in Alcarrás, I had a great. The bike circuit goes well, You can get more performance and enjoy it taking it at higher revs which is where you can enjoy the Ninja”.

Published 13/03/2011

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Engine Type: Water cooling, 4 time and 4 inline

Displacement: 998 cm3

Valve system: DOHC, 16 valves

Power System: Injection : island 43 mm x 4

Ignition: Digital

Start: Electrical


Transmission: 6 speeds


Chassis Type: Double aluminum beam

Wheel travel, Front: Dual semi-floating 300mm disc lobed

Wheel travel, you back: Lobed disc 220mm

Front tire: 120/70ZR17M/C

Rear tire: 190/55ZR17M/C


Delatera Suspension: 43mm inverted fork with special springs.

Rear suspension: Gas-charged shock absorber Uni-Trak system and special spring


Forward: Clamp radial pump, 4 opposed pistons, 4 pills

Rear: Single-piston caliper


Dimensions (L x A x A): 2065 x 705 x 1.130mm

Wheelbase: 1.390mm

Seat height: 825mm

Tank Capacity: 17 liters

Empty weight: 175 Kg


Maximum power: 128,7 kw (175CV)/ 11.700rpm

Maximum power with RAM Air: 135,3 kw (184CV)/ 11.700rpm

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