Noelia Lorenzo Cup Champion Féminas proclaims the FCMM

Noelia Lorenzo se proclama Campeona de la Copa de Féminas de la FCMM

Last weekend was played in the Carthaginian traced the final round of the women's championship speed. A test in which only two of the six participating pilots managed to qualify. The race consisted of five laps in which the winner was Noelia Lorenzo followed by Angela Ruiz-Cortina.

Noelia champion of proof proclaimed a fast lap 1.57. The pilot has been on the podium in all six competitions disputed which has won three, facts that have become the third female champion cup.

Amparo Rios has been ranked second in the championship, followed by Mª del Mar Acebes.

Here ends the only Women's Cup Speed ​​Championship in Spain and with this we still uncertain whether next year the championship will go ahead. Everything depends on the number of pilots registered. Do not let it end, encouragement and to give the handle!!!!

Published 17/10/10

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