Noelia Lorenzo wins in Albacete and still leads

Noelía Lorenzo gana en Albacete y sigue líder

Last 17 and 18 July was held at the Circuito de Albacete the fourth round of the Cup Féminas hosting the Castilian-Manchego Championship.

Apparently the race was a bit confusing, since Amparo Rios, who first crossed the finish line first, he was disqualified. According to the little information I could get, the penalty was for not meeting technical requirements on your bike. Apparently this caused discomfort to some of the participants, even to decide to leave the championship, harmful thing for the same, due to the shortage of pilots is in grill. The month of September in the circuit of Arcos the fifth round of the championship and then have to wait to see if the Cup goes ahead. A real shame.

Regarding the race, the result was, Noelia Lorenzo first (keeps the championship lead), Elisabeth Hoyle, Then S. Denise Jones is second in the championship.

Published 3/08/2010

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