Noelia Lorenzo Cup champion Féminas of FCMM 2010

Noelia Lorenzo campeona de la Copa de Féminas de FCMM 2010

Noelia Lorenzo last season was proclaimed, Cup champion Féminas organized by the FCMM, Galician got the win with three wins, two seconds and a third place.

The pilot started in the racing world when her boyfriend, injury was forced to retire. It all started in 2007 with the Celtic Cup in the category of Extreme, where he got a tenth. In 2008 was not so lucky, in the second race of the championship aforementioned suffered a fall that resulted in a broken foot. But it came to 2009 with batteries installed and the Celtic Cup runner-up and third in the Championship was Asturian. In addition he also participated in some loose races of different championships such as the Cup Féminas of FCMM at Motorland, race that climbed to the second step of the podium, something he did consider it to participate in the next season in the tournament.

That was how Noelia championship and reached proclaimed champion in his first year. The pilot was very satisfied and had invested heavily in travel. Something that is a problem for the continuity of this champion. Recall that lives in Galicia, where the circuits are absent, whereby only to train, Galician must scroll to the circuit of Braga in Portugal that is three hours of Naron, population where you live. Thus Noelia confessed to me:

The reality of 2010 I trained was the Friday before each race and did not know any circuit”

This in my view is one more reason to praise the merit achieved by the pilot. With the achievement of triumph came the offer to participate in the World Endurance by the only female team to participate this season. Currently he is serving as reserve driver so prefer no illusions and see this as something distant.

A Noelia would love to try a moto2 and have the opportunity to participate in a race of CEV.

Sadly for 2011 not seen with possibilities include spending assumed displacement, so for now arises only make a career.

The little investment that exists in the north of Spain for this sport, where the weather excuse does not work, since in countries like England there is the same or worse weather, will make along the cost of kilometers to Noelia should do,r lose a young champion.

This should not be allowed!!!!

Published 6/03/2011

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