Noelia Chaves podium at the Mediterranean Championship of Speed

Noelia Chaves sube al podio en el Campeonato Mediterráneo de Velocidad

Noelia Chaves gets a 2nd and 3rd place in the respective sleeves, and taking the second step of the podium.

The 4th door test Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship this weekend was played the Lleida layout Alcarrás.

The day of free practice on Saturday declared wet. The rain persisted all day Noelia he felt very comfortable in these circumstances, but on Sunday for the measured, rain disappeared and the track dried. So all went to the qualifying session without being able to train dry. La catalana se clasificaba en 9ª de la general, 3ª in Pre-GP125.

Shortly before the formation of grill, It rained again and made it hard, so the race was declared wet. At the exit, Noelia came forward, reached the first corner leading its category, but passing through finish line was shown the Pit stop as a penalty to have jumped the start, at that time had passed to second place in its category. It took two laps to go through pit-line, when he did, he became the third place, but the pilot pressed and in just one turn had regained second place in its category, position where it crossed the line, 5th being general.

In the 2nd run, the rain had stopped and the asphalt had had time to dry, so this was declared wet. This time, made a good start and was again second in Pre-GP125, but beyond the early laps, He slipped and lost the position. the rest of the race was spent battling to defend the position, until with just two laps to go, Tracker pilot had problems and Catalan comfortably came 3rd in class, 7ª general.

These results, Noelia climbed the podium in 2nd place

Noelia Keys: In the first race I saw the Pit stop as they have taken, but he had really stuck Molines, so I preferred to give a couple of laps for distance and the Pit stop least affected me. The second race was a good fight. I am very satisfied with the work done and the result, but I have wanted to climb to the highest.

Their next meeting will be on the World Cup circuit Montmelo, the Circuit-Barcelona Catalonia, Day 6 October

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