Noelia Chaves about to podium

Noelia Chaves a punto de podio

The Catalan finished fourth in race. In the second did fifth.

Last weekend was held at the Circuit de Calafat the 3rd round of the championship Mediterranean Cruise. A total of 18 pilots were grilled, Pre three categories Moto3, PreGP125 and Challenge 80cc.

Noelia Chaves started from thirteenth place overall, fifth of its kind PreGP 125.

In the first race made a great start and eighth overall standing within a group of three riders in its class, fighting to defend third place. Ecuador last race, he started having problems with his bike and finally crossed the finish line in fourth place in its category, goes about to podium.

In the second race, while fighting redialing from third place, there was an accident and all vovlieron the box. Turned out to give, but everything was complicated and finished fifth PreGP 125.

Noelia Keys: Me quedo un poco con sabor agridulce, happy because I've been there struggling with the first on both sleeves and a little disappointed at not being able to finish off, but next more and better.

Published 11/06/2013

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