In sin mi Do, by Racingirl

No sin mi Fazer, por Racingirl

Racingirl owns a Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer three years ago, exactly is the model 2005 of 98cv and came to her through a bargain, thereby giving up his passion for sports, but she is very happy with it because it is a comfortable bike to travel and go city, because the position is ideal, plus a good tourer.

The Fazer is a bike-efficient. The dual exhaust tail goes below gives a personal touch. Is a high motorcycle suspension or even lowering the seat can be lowered a few cm. but, “I am not in favor, the weight is well repertido which makes it easier to handle” explains Rancingirl. Its engine is very smooth and quiet but 98cv give character and a sporty feel

Some accessories are wearing installed, Heated grips, switch to the two lighthouses, lowered handlebars, support for tomtom rider and would also like to change the exhaust as it is so quiet that it is dangerous because pedestrians and drivers do not hear

According Racingirl is a bike from home, We're making it easy to maintain, with the aid workshop manual and the right tools can make yourself overhauls of small importance.

The Fazer is the only transportation system that uses Racingirl, I work, studies, leisure, circuits, where will she, will your Fazer so decided it would be best to ride hard rubber, Pirelli Strada that lasted 19500Km and a pair of ruts circuit.

To Racingirl Fazer supposed fond memories of his initiation into the engine, major challenges, Amusement & moments of reflection, besides being a way to meet people; “I've reached the point where I know perfectly”

In conclusion we can say that the Fazer is a very versatile bike, perhaps this is one of the best sellers in their family.

Main Features

* Brand: YAMAHA

* Model:FZS

* Version:600 Do

* Type of motorcycle:Naked

* Power:95,00 cv

* Power Rating:11500 rpm

* Displacement:599 c.c.

* Number of cylinders: 4

* Cycle / h:4 T

* Refrigeration:Net

* Start:Electrical

* Substitution:6

* Secondary transimisión:Chain

* Wheelbase:1415 mm

* Front wheel:110/70-17

* Rear wheel:160/60-17

* Seat height:790

* Weight:189,00 kgs

* Down Payment:19,00 liters

Published 25/08/2010

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