The Spanish League Championship Nace

Nace la Liga Española de Motociclismo

With the support of Real Spanish Motorcycling Federation is going to launch in 2014 the LEM (Spanish League Championship).
The president of the RFME, Angel Viladoms, and Kike Bañuls, precursor Spanish League Championship, have laid the groundwork for what will this new competition that has the support of the National Federation continues its efforts of building materials and sports for younger.

Several seasons is celebrated in Spain known League Interescuelas. To 2013 and hand Valencia coach drivers Kike Bañuls, different schools nationwide competed with each other in different paths the country.

In season 2014 is to implement the LEM, Spanish League Championship. Will have similar characteristics to the League Interescuelas and participants continue to enjoy this sport making a feast of fun and learning every weekend competition.

Kike Bañuls, who owns schools KSB Sport Valencia and KSB Sport Madrid and former director of the League Interescuelas, will be the head but not alone. People with extensive professional experience will be part of your team. You will have the support of the RFME and also with the highly trained professionals in the departments of technical supervision, which will be headed by David Doga, Media, Javier Presa, Marketing and audiovisual production, Hand Santi Roig and Dani Amatriain will be the advisor in sports.

The LEM already has an agreement with the School of Gerona (ETG Racing) to provide mechanical to your events. Further, As already announced in October, A pilot of this new league will participate in the RFME Cup Spain Speed, Pre Moto3 category, with the structure ETG has in this Championship.

The Spanish League Championship will consist of 6 Race to be held in different circuits Spain. Each event will involve driving schools across the country. The first will be held at the Circuit de Alcalá del Río, Seville, the next 15 March. Ahí comenzará la andadura de este nuevo Campeonato que promete ser muy exitoso y que tendrá su segunda cita en Ciudad Real (Circuit San Juan) the 5 April.

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Source: RFME

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