Women in MotoGP legend

Mujeres leyenda en MotoGP

20 courageous women who got the opportunity to play, at least, a career in the championship peak as far as speed is concerned, World Championship Speed, MotoGP.

Some made history, opened other doors, others go unnoticed and other triggered much discussion, but they all consist for being courageous women, Women from another time, women MotoGP

Beryl_Swain (1)The pioneer, the first brave was Beryl Swain in 1962 in 50cc, when TT Isle of Man still part of World Championship. He finished 22nd and participation led to the creation of new rules, by the organization of the race, which excluded the participation of women consider it a dangerous sport for these.

He spent a long time until he appeared Gina Bovaird in 1982. Gina participated on a Yamaha 500cc, MotoGP at that time, therefore consists as, the first and only woman to have participated in that category. It was in the GP of France, where he qualified, dícese for boycott of Japanese factory teams, but in the race he had to retire.

Gina Bovaird was the key that opened the door and the 80 and 90 There were several female units.

Inge Arends would be as follows, He played six great prizes 1983 and 1984 in the categories of 50cc and 80cc, being the first and only participated in the displacement of 80cc. His best finish was 16th place.

In 1986 He tried Petra Gschwander, but failed to qualify.

Taru_Rinne (4)A year after debut, Taru Rinne (1987-1990), the best results harvested and which is the woman best grid position (2ª), race (7ª) and overall (17ª), in total 17 GGPP Matches, además de ser la primera en participar en la categoría de 125cc y la primera en conseguir puntuar. He said goodbye tragically after an accident in the Circuit Paul Ricard. While in hospital, recovering from a broken ankle suffered in both, received a letter from Ecclestone Bernnie, World capo back then, preventing re-engage for next season. Clearly Fiction deserves to be among the MotoGP Legends.

The German GP in 1988 became the first scenario where they met more females, By, Gschwander and Grief with which we now.

The German Undine grief He played a total of four GGPP between 1988 and 1989 on a 80cc.

Linda Walsh was wildcard in GP de Australia for three consecutive years 1990 a 1992.

Before going into the great Tomoko Igata, must be appointed Daniela Tognoli who participated in nine races between 1992 and 1993 24th place with a best result.

Tomoko_Igata (3)And now, the only approached By, Tomoko Igata, who debuted in the World a wildcard (125cc) in Japanese GP in 1992. Despite the brilliant debut that starred, 13Th on the grid and 20th in career, it took two years for Igata could make their first season, of the two disputed. It was amazing Circuito de Brno where Japanese equaled the legendary Taru Rinne, achieving a 7th place. Also equaled in points scored in a single season, yes, contesting nearly double the Finnish racing. And By is best positioned women in general, Igata the record for points is carried on their way through the World, 30 exactly.

We had to change from century to see again a woman in World grills. In 2001 made upon arrival Katja Poensgen the 250cc class to stay for two seasons and becoming the first woman to score points and participated in the intermediate category. Those points came in the GP of Italy the same year of its debut.

Cath Thompson y Nikoletta Kovacs They did wildcard in 2001, being in 2003 when it debuted the youngest woman to participate in a Grand Prix, Market Janakova, with 15 years as a wildcard, contesting seven races 2004.

Only a few timid wildcard Candice Scott (Australia 2005), Ornella Ongaro (France 2009) and Andrea Touskova (Rep. Czech 2008 and 2010) until it was landing in Spanish 2011 with Elena Rosell Headshots.

Elena Rosell (4)I never forget that wildcar in Holland. The excitement of seeing Elena a World, after all this time following her, It was ruined by a fateful Friday where nothing went right and not classified. I could not help but mourn to see photos Elena collapsed in the media. Make another wildcar more before beginning his first season World Cup. It has gone down in history as the first woman to participate in the Moto2 class and for being the first Spanish to do.

In 2013 he left Elena, but arrived Ana Carrasco. Murcia has won several records, He is the youngest woman to have played an entire season, the first to participate in the Moto3 class, which has played more GGPP (31), It is the third most points (9), the second best positioned on grill (7ª), the second best position in the race (8ª), tied with Tomoko Igata in the general (21ª) ranking second in the ranking and besides all this we must add that it is the first Spanish to rate. It is on track to be the first woman to play three consecutive seasons and know what else we can provide.

Maria Herrera with four wildcard behind, It will become part of World next season. He debuted in 2013 in Motorland, Moto3 and his best result was in Jerez 2014 where he finished 17th.

Last, the wildcard Nina Prinz this season 2014, in German GP with a Moto2.

And here what are the Women MotoGP Legends. We continue writing history…

Female Motorcycle

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  1. Thank You. Creo que podríamos añadir a las mujeres que compitieron en los MotoGP de pasajeras en la clase sidecars también, por ejemplo Ingeborg Stoll (su mejor resultado fue quinta en el TT/Isle of Man), o Dane Rowe

    • Female Motorcycle

      Hola Bruno,
      Muchas gracias por tu aportación. Somos conscientes del tema sidecar, pero en este caso dejaremos el artículo solo para las dos ruedas monoplaza. Seguro que lo sidecares tendrán su momento. Muchas gracias de nuevo. Saludos!

  2. ¡De nada, igualmente muchas gracias!
    Aquí algunas fotografías con Inge Stoll – seguramente todavía la mujer “benchmark” – de todas categoríasen lo que se refiere a los resultados en GP:
    Saludos, Bruno

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