Female Motorcycle in the 20Blogs Awards 2015

Motociclismo Femenino en los Premios 20Blogs 2015

Female Motorcycle participates in 20Blogs Awards 2015 and undertakes to allocate € 5000 prize to encourage female motorcycle.

Yes, as you read, We present the Awards 20Blogs 2015 with the intention of winning to keep doing what we like and improve.

Today I will undress before you, whenever I speak in plural, because to me, Female Motorcycle, we are all, who read me, those who share, which comentaís, the brave protagonists of which I speak every day and I, which tells you, but the reality is that all the work you see every day, I do solo. I pay the cost of travel to the races, Seeking information, talk to the pilots, edited texts and then share with you. All this in return receiving only the satisfaction of seeing every day there are more courageous women, as every day these women begin to be forward and as ye like to see this evolution, because without them and without you, Female Motorcycle would be nothing.

I do not receive, or downstream, nor support any brand or organization, itself is an initiative that has been growing and you need more and more investment, and of course not alive, so I have to reconcile it with the work that feeds me. Winning the award would, to cover all events where we had girls participating, because that money, I would further displacement, pay reporters, photographers or even a small sponsorship, but best of all would be the afford to be a relaxing break to live their achievements and share their sorrows.

Having explained my situation and making it clear that everything I do is for pure passion, I ask your help. The prize will not win by being the most votes blog, but if it's one of the things that the jury will consider, have going for us, originality and uniqueness, since we are the only means of communication speaking this subject.

If you fancy giving me support me and to all of them, You can vote for us or just share this post. Voting is very laborious. You must be users 20 minutes (I leave the link for subscription) and after that you can vote (I leave the link), have until 2 March, but do not let him until the last moment. Thank you all!

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Naomi Rabbit
Female Motorcycle

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  1. octane

    in extremis pero votado! mucha suerte ;)

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