Female Motorcycle, the first channel for Women Bikers

Motociclismo Femenino, el primer canal para la Mujer Motera

Good, because we finally have here the new web!

For those not familiar with us, I will remember a little time. Female Motorcycle I was born designed to promote and inform on the motorcycle speed, makes a 5 years old, with a group on Facebook (yet there were no Fan Page).

The essence of this new web remains the same, but aiming to expand the information to other modes of motorcycling as, motocross, enduro, trial, etc…,always giving more importance to the women, but also be a place where you will find the highlights of what happened in motorcycling in general. Also give a stroll through the history of women in the world of motorcycling, be interviewing influential women in motorcycling, etc…

But there is something, a special feature in my readers, motivates me to also cover the sport we love, Female Motorcycle It is a place where Women Bikers you feel at ease, a place made by and for you. Sections we already had earlier as “My first time” the “The bike of the month” re-emerge as new appears “Follow my route” you will write them all, as the days go I'll report on how to collaborate and discussed

Now it fun and grow, see grow something that until recently I believed only. I put all my effort, tiempo y dinero en esto y la simple certeza de que os guste ya me satisface.

I want to thank everyone who made this possible. Since followers, pilots, to each of the people who have supported me in some way to move forward. There are two people who want agredecerles much your help, Marcos, solucionándome always problems that arise me to computer and Mireia, who gave a new look to the logo.

Thank you all and now…. to share, it's free!!! ;)

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