Montserrat Costa, “I do not want to look like one. Ni Rossi”

Montserrat Costa, "No quiero parecerme a nadie. Ni a Rossi"

Montserrat Costa is the youngest of the pilots involved in the CEV. His first contact with the bike comes from the world of off-road as his father practiced motocross. At 3 years old, Montserrat was first climbed on a bike.

But soon changed the dubbies by asphalt. Born in 1995, Montse reaches the CEV after having weathered a great time as the Catalan Championship 85cc Supermoto, Copa Malossi 80cc or Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship, in 80 and 125cc.

SoloMoto: You became very close to making the cut in qualifying.

Monserrat Costa: The truth is yes, but I have an excuse (smiles). I've been injured until barely two months ago did not return to training. I fell in the last third of last season so badly I broke my humerus. Further, I pase la week before Montmelo cooled, with angina, so the Friday and Saturday still not walking very fine.

SM: New Moto, new category ... and new circuit?

MC: Moto and category itself, but Montmelo already knew of the Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship (CMV) the last two years. First and 80cc 2009 eighth liter.

SM: Where does Montserrat Costa?

MC: Good question (smile again). To reach the CEV had participated in the Supermoto Championship of Catalonia in the category of 85cc, Copa Malossi 80cc and CMV have played the championship of Catalonia in Supermotard 85cc, Malossi 80cc Copa de Supermotard, Championship and the Mediterranean, in 80cc and , 125cc, the last two years.

SM: Where do you come your passion for motorcycles?

MC: My father. My father ran motocross, why I also started practicing.

SM: When did you get for the first time on a bike?

MC: For while when I learned to ride a bike, to 3 years old.

SM: Do you remember your first race?

MC: Uffff!! If the memory? Yes, Yes. It was a horrible race. He was scoring for the Catalan Supermoto and out last. I was so nervous at the output, to release the clutch, I fell. I came from motocross, so run on asphalt ... The truth is that I had no idea (Laughter).

SM: Which driver is your mirror?

MC: I have none.

SM: Do not you want to be like anyone? ¿Ni Rossi?

MC: I do not want to look like one.

SM: How far you'd get?

MC: As high as possible.

SM: And if you're opening doors in 125GP, likewise are also doing this year Carla Calderer, in Moto2, and Elena Rosell, en Stock Extreme.

MC: Clear. All the doors are opening in our respective categories.

SM: Do you know personally?

MC: Elena Rosell yes. I talked a bit with it, but yet Carla Calderer, I still do not know her personally. To see if I can Albacete.

SM: ¿Piensas que las carreras de motos están demasiado masculinized?

MC: Yes, no more than look how many guys and girls pilots there.

SM: Do you feel strange, out of place, with both men?

MC: No, no, at all.

SM: With the amount of fond bike there, and the thousands of conducting on their bikes, Why do you think no more women pilots?

MC: Because most people believe that sport bikes is for men only. Many people think that there are some sports that are for girls and others who are for boys, but sports serve as both men and women. No matter be a boy or a girl, it does not matter.

SM: What goals you set yourself for this 2010?

MC: As this is my first year ... I would end up in the middle of the table. We must go step by step.

Published 16/05/2010


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