Mireia Calvo Vence in the Catalan Cup Enduradas La Clua

Mireia Calvo vence en la Copa Catalana de Enduradas de La Clua

Mireia Calvo victory for the Catalan enduradas, then, closely, by young Aida Castro and Alexia Boet.

The Championship of Catalonia Enduradas kicked out last weekend in La Clua. The event brought together a total of eight female pilots, Alexia estate, Mireia Calvo, Paula Castel, Aida Castro, Elia Gibert, Julia Llobet, Laia Pàmies and Mireia Bay.

A short two turns required to perform few glitches for the win home tour. After some minor fall, Mireia Calvo due in the female category, a Aida Castro he stepped foot in second position and Alexia estate which was the third.

The next meeting will take place in the Bages 5 April.

Mireia Calvo: "It was a fairly short career for my taste. I started pretty, throughout the first lap I was not well with the bike and I have had several scares. On leaving we soaked on a wet road and there I had my first fall, I twisted the direction. The second step was timed well important to see the good line because there were quite deep ruts where you left the bike hooked. I leave La Clua happy with the result, but knowing that a lot of training kick in the time trials and catch more confidence in myself. This has just begun and there are many races to enjoy ".

Mireia Calvo
Aida Castro
Alexia estate
Elia Gibert
Paula Castel
Julia Llobet (AB)
Laia Pàmies (AB)

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