Mireia Badia wins Catalunya Championship Enduro Women

Mireia Badia se impone en el Campeonato de Catalunya de Enduro Femenino

Victory for Mireia Badia on the first date of the Catalan championship enduro female. She was accompanied on the podium Mireia Calvo and Miriam Rivera.

This weekend started the Enduro Championship of Catalonia Solomon in with a total of six female pilots registered, current Enduro Champion Catalunya, Keep Laia, the recent winner of the Bassella Race, Miriam Rivera, the Reserve Champion Cross Country Spain, Elia Gibert, in addition to Mireia Bay, Mireia Calvo and Alba Vilaplana.

The journey is hard presented by the physical demands required, lots of stone and four times had to cross the stream. After intense day, Mireia Bay the win, was followed Mireia Calvo and Miriam Rivera, thus forming the podium. Elia Gibert He finished fourth, but Keep Laia and Alba Vilaplana They were not so lucky and did not end.

The next round of Enduro Championship of Catalonia will be the 19 April in Lower Berguedá.

Mireia Bay: "It was a race that pounded pretty, the time trials were filled with lots of stone and dusty, It is an area that costs me a lot. I started a little bad, two falls, one on each lap. The truth is that the course was not very complicated, but dust, the trialeras and steady steps by the stream, you physically detracted. I'm happy with the result, but not with the race, I could have done better, a lot of training and especially working with trialeras that right now is what most penalized me ".

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