My Sussie has opened the doors to a world that has me hooked, by Haya

Mi Sussie me ha abierto las puertas de un mundo que me tiene enganchada, por Haya

March was 2004 and just out the new model Suzuki GSXR 600cc. I went to the dealer and was there, beautiful, staring at me from the sideboard, and the seller telling: "It has excellent torque delivery in the high zone of the engine, the most used in circuit. With a sophisticated chassis that particularly affects chassis rigidity and behavior on the track. Boasting features extracted directly from the Department of Racing Suzuki. Titanium valves, radial calipers with anchor and pump. Digitized sophisticated injection and engine management "I looked back and I fell. The problem was to climb, I'm not a short girl, but this bike is in the average height of sports but with a plus: has the widest reservoir, with what makes you more open legs, and losing altitude. How refused to touch the subject of suspensions, I found another solution; lower the seat. In the same dealer and they take care of the upholsterer and after to enroll, already had my Sussie in my hands. To all this we must mention that my father, for fear, I was forbidden to buy a motorcycle (despite being motero) said: "If you the purchases do not just pay for college". So as I had no money for all, I bought the bike, I had it hidden for a year, and when I finished the studies, is this. Now it has superadísimo and boasts biker daughter.

It was among the first to bring standard steering damper, speeds which is delightful, giving everything from 10000 round and strong brakes. In general, I find it a very noble bike. The connection with her was perfect from the beginning, and after some declines in standing (take this opportunity to advise the pelacrash), I started to learn to maneuver better with it, namely park in the right place ....

I made some long trips with her and I appreciated that protects much better than other sports Wind, the fairing is more enveloping, and you just have to crouch to get comfortable. For what most use is for departures during the weekend, curves and more curves, where he is at his best. The only thing that hurts me is the weight and size. On winding roads mousetraps, the most current sports have less size and weight, and so they are more manageable and easy direction changes.

In town the little use and is not your average, difficult maneuver, loading dolls ...

I have also come several times a circuit with it, as good sportswoman, that's where you can get all the juice, which shows all the rage to cut 15000 Returns.

Maintenance is a bit pricey, how in the entire segment. But it is a reliable bike that has just given me a couple of problems in recent years. Battery has discharged a few times for not using it, fairly predictable thing, and the other problem I had was due to the pump that drives the valve opening. It turns out that this model is a common fault, moisture enters the pump housing and mars, giving error injection into the panel and not letting up the bike 5000 Returns. The repair was simple, I had not to go to the shop, with a soldering tin could solve. For everything else has not given any problems.

Over time I have been customizing: Puños GSXR, counterweights, Puig smoked dome, Puig rear fender, escape Leovince, leveraging change kit trawl change the dish and put one tooth less, and finally, I acquired other mixed fibers that I paint my taste.

My Sussie is much more than a motorcycle or a transport system, It is a very important part of my life; has opened doors to a world that has me hooked, made me meet people that brings me a lot and experience new unforgettable experiences.

Published 13/11/2010

© Motorcycling Female



Full length: 2.075 mm

Wheelbase: 1.390 mm

Empty weight: 161 kg

Overall width: 715 mm

Height from floor: 135 mm

Gas tank: 17 l

Height: 1.145 mm

Seat height: 825 mm


Engine Type: 4 time, 4 cylinders, Liquid cooling, DOHC

Bore x stroke: 67,0 x 42,5 mm

Displacement: 599 cc

Ignition: Digital CDI

Transmission: Taking constant 6 speeds

Power: 120 CV

Compression ratio: 12,5:1

Feed: Electronic injection 38 mm

Starting System: Electrical

Substitution: 6 takes constant speeds

Transmission system: Chain


Front suspension: Inverted telescopic, coil spring, damping oil, adjustable preload, compression and rebound

Rear suspension: For links, coil spring, damping oil, adjustable preload, compression and rebound


Front brake: Radial anchoring, double disc 300 mm, tongs 4 pistons

Back brake: Simple disco 220mm, tongs 2 pistons


Front tire: 120/70ZR-17

Rear tire: 180/55ZR-17

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