“Loved the experience, an indescribable feeling”

"Me encantó la experiencia, una sensación indescriptible"

Almudena Villar is a fifteen Alicante engine fan from an early, since it comes from family of drivers. His father and uncle were competing in the form of motocross and his brother who currently competes in speed with a scooter.

Almudena began on a minibike and after enjoy the most decided to run tests for the Cradle of Champions, but no luck and the Alicante spent time without getting on the bike. But being in a family of bikers vein was impossible to continue long in that situation, so he soon ask his father to teach him to wear gear.

His adventure began with a 250cc pitbike left him a friend.

At first it was difficult, was great, pesaba mucho y el embrague estaba durísimo

But when one wants, can and Almudena could and that was the moment, where he first came in a circuit.

“Loved the experience, an indescribable feeling”

Almudena returned the bike to its owner but the feeling circuitero had invaded and could not resist to ride the scooter with his brother Racing.

“Every time I go to a circuit training, think I'll just go with my brother, but when I put the monkey and I tie the ponytail I am “The girl””

A día de hoy Almudena se prepara para poder participar por primera vez en alguna competición.

!!Luck Almudena!!

Published 12/02/11

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