“I do not care what I say, is the bike I always wanted”

"Me da igual lo que me digan, es la moto que siempre he querido tener"

Drink, es la propietaria de una Yamaha YZF R1 del 2004. The R1 entered his life, after selling his R6. Esta fue vendida porque Drink iba a ser mama y después de apartarse un tiempo de las motos, looking bikes I saw ads, I had always been the bike I wanted, so que la catalana no lo dudo ni un solo momento -“I liked everything, Motorbike, color, until the price. I bought it without thinking twice and the truth is that it has been almost four years and I'm very happy”-

Una de las difficulties que había entre Drink y su R1, They were the 56kg y 1,56cm de ella, respecto a los 174Kg y 820mm de su moto, -” En los semáforos no podía moverme ni un pelo, as they played how dancers when put on tiptoe, feared that fell. Finally after de algunas caídas en parado decidí bajar la moto. That made me feel more comfortable and gain confidence, I safest. Stops dry no longer bother me in the same way, my feet hit the ground well, now support the great dos.Es, lo aconsejo sin ninguna duda a las chicas bajitas. As everything has its against, the rise and fall of the curbs should be done with extreme care and aesthetics of the bike changes, pero estos cons merecen la pena, the important thing was that I could feel my motorcycle”

Drink disfruta muchísimo con ella tanto en circuito como en carretera, completely dismissing it for use in their city. Como accesorio extra destacable lleva unos escapes akrapovic, a parte del portamatrículas, Intermittent and tires, pero la catalana no quiso dejar pasar por alto lo contenta que está con los latiguillos metálicos de serie que incorpora la YZFR1, -“everyone tells me he has an incredible braking”-

A causa de sus condiciones físicas y de la pedazo de moto que Drink conduce ha tenido que hear en mil ocasiones que se cambie de moto, which is much bike for her, he did not take full advantage of what could get, etc… -“I do not care what I say, is the bike I always wanted, I can take without problems. I do not put a stop, for there, I do not but I put the bike of my dreams, with the bike that I like and enjoy it”-

This article demonstrated once again, no bikes for women and men, if you like a motorcycle, the only barriers are put yourself.

Published 23/04/2011

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