Mary and her KTM SX 85cc

María y su KTM SX 85cc

Mary is a Galician fond of motocross. Two years ago his father, a lover of the sport and the Austrian manufacturer KTM SX gave him a 85cc. After two days of having her Mary suffered a fall that caused him injury in his knee, something that depart one month of two wheels. Why her father thought that Mary would catch him fear the bike and that he would never ride more, but the opposite happened, Galician month was made eternal waiting to get back on your KTM. While he devoted himself to give an air a little decorating your bike with racing stickers.

“It is a very docile bike although it is necessary to leave revolutionize much stronger step by curve because it has little bass (Low engine power of turns), but when you open the gas the bike runs, What if running!. With the suspensions I am very happy, because as I'm not a great driver absorb much on the jumps where I fall short and this makes the bike not me “spit” and I go down so easily.

It is important to put the shift lever in a position that feels comfortable, because if like me, you do not have a foot too large, the lever is very high and costs má perform gearshifts.

The clutch and brake levers can be exchanged for a longer although I prefer short for me are much more comfortable, since I only use one finger or two to operate them

“The handlebar'm thinking exchange it for one a little longer, I tried one and the position I find more comfortable ride with him that I have now.”

Interesting tips which gives Mary on the KTM 85cc, a bike very different month.

Published 29/06/2011

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