María Herrera went down at LeMans

María Herrera se fue al suelo en LeMans

After a good weekend, the Estrella Galicia Junior Team suffered a fall in the early stages of the race.

The END CEV Repsol of Moto3 has played his first career out of Spanish territory. The small displacement has traveled to LeMans to hold the second round of this season by the World Championship.

The weekend did not appear easy, Friday just one free practice before facing the race timed to take place Saturday. Mary Friday started very strong ending free how fast, but in the absence of a timed 10 my. to finish it fell and had to settle for fourth place on the grid.

The race began with a nasty fall in the back of the grid and had to restart. After the exit Mary was placed in the top positions, but before passing first the finish line, Oropesa became the fall.

Mary returns home with a zero, but one third of the overall. The following is the 8 on June Motorland, where Mary He got his first victory in the CEV.

Maria Herrera: I have gone pretty well and I used to get first, but Fabio made up ground on the outside and passed me in the first corner, Rodrigo then overtook us both. There they were touched and was when Fabio has slipped a bit and tried get him back too soon space. I have come to a left turn, No. 5, I saw that he had slipped a bit and I thought esta es la mía. I rushed over, the bike ma has gone back and have flown. Despite the fall I feel fine, but what counts are the points and today we made a zero. Now it think Aragon

Female Motorcycle

Female Motorcycle


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