María Herrera says goodbye to FIM CEV Repsol

María Herrera se despide del FIM CEV Repsol

With a fifth and a fall that have placed eighth overall, la de Oropesa de Toledo se despide del FIM CEV Repsol, in which it has been his third season, to jump to the Moto3 World Championship.

This Weekend, the END CEV Repsol puso el broche final a la temporada 2014 in Circuit Ricardo Tormo, as usual.

Maria Herrera he faced two rounds before leaving the Estrella Galicia Junior Team, to enlist in the Team Calvo and take the final step to Moto3 World.

The weekend was conditioned by wind. On the day of timed Mary became the twelfth on the grid, something that is not deprived of shooting in the leading positions in the race, because after two good starts in both races, rolled with the front, finishing fifth in the first, but not having much luck in the second, wherein a gust of wind destabilized and crashed out while fighting for podium positions. These last two results the eighth place overall.

Not the best result for the championship goodbye, team or, but today begins a new stage in the life of Mary, where and, how to pilot Team Calvo he will go first to the Husqvarna with which he will participate in the World.

Maria Herrera: “In the first race, we made two starts because they have drawn red flag. In the first I've gone well. I was rolling with good pace and situated on podium. In the second exit I put a little worse, which led to me having to start climbing positions. I've done some complicated overtaking and I rode a second faster than the times recorded during the timed. I finished fifth and I am happy. In the second race I came out with the idea of ​​podium. I started well and I have been going up and overtaking drivers, to situate fourth with opportunities to strive for my goal. Although windy, I had a good feeling on the bike and a good pace to fight with my partner, Fabio. Leaving turn six has given me a gust of wind on the side of the bike and it threw me off track. Has closed the direction of the bike and I've gone down. I wish I had fired the year otherwise, but it has not been possible. The important thing is that I have returned to roll with the front and good feeling with the bike have become”.

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