María Herrera fight for one of the seats for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

María Herrera luchará por una de las plazas para la Red Bull Motogp Rookies Cup

Today is the last day of selection of the fifteen seats for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. Pilots have been fighting since last Monday at the Motorland circuit, to be one of the prized seats championship which runs along the motorcycling world.

Among the participants is the current champion of the Mediteranean Moto3 Championship Speed, Maria Herrera. Toledo has shown with his brilliant participation in the Mediterranean Championship and previously in the Cradle of Champions, which is a strong contender for a place in the World Cup championship, where I would say that would become the first woman to participate.

Of these cases are of those who need the female motorcycle, girls like guys are started very young and progressively ascend championships or categories, just as is the case of Ana Carrasco and many more involved in regional championships.

From here we firmly believe that Mary will be with one of those places, why we want to show our support and encourage him to continue doing what he likes.

In a few days we will offer an exclusive interview with this great champion.

Published 12/10/2011

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