Maria Herrera: “I am very happy to take the step to World and I'm sure if I will quiet well”

María Herrera: "Estoy muy contenta de dar el paso al Mundial y seguro que si estoy tranquila lo haré bien"

The season has ended for Maria Herrera and with it his time at END CEV Repsol, where he has participated for three seasons under the umbrella of Monlau Competition, with whom he proclaimed Mediterraneo Champion Championship Speed ​​in Pre-Moto3 Year 2011 and who gave the first step to a national championship.

Just this week Mary already risen to his new bike, an Husqvarna, he will drive for Team Calvo in Moto3 World Championship next season.

Both past, and future is what we have talked to the new World Cup Women.

MF: It has been a difficult season What has been complicated?

MH: There have been many falls, I have shot many times and that made me lose confidence.

MF: How you run this season 2014?

MH: I think we've done a good job, but especially the more experience.

MF: I guess like any other driver your dream is to become World Champion. Now you've reached the last step that will let you get, the Moto3 World Championship, How do you feel?

MH: I am very happy to take the step to World and I'm sure if I will quiet well.

MF: Do you think that the change of frame make you feel more comfortable?

MH: I am very excited about the KTM (Husqvarna) because last year I was fine and I could fight until the last race for the championship. I think the change will be fine me.

MF: What goals you set yourself?

MH: Especially learn, are new circuits, I will not pressure me, I need to be relaxed and the results arrived.

MF: 29 March 2015, Qatar, your first career World and night How imagine?

MH: I think it will be beautiful and special, it's my first race and it overnight will give a different touch for sure be hard to forget. I imagine it with very hot.

MF: Begin your first international travel Who will accompany you in this new adventure? How do you deal with the English?

MH: My family. English mechanical level as along well, but in this case I will not be missing, conversation level but, yet I have much to work (Laughter).

MF: Junto a Ana Carrasco haréis historia convirtiéndoos en las dos primeras mujeres en compartir parrilla toda una temporada. Unfortunately, much journalism will focus your results in anything amongst yourselves Ready to pressure?

MH: I do not feel pressured. It's great to finally have two girls and I'm happy to share this with a friend as Ana Carrasco. The fact that two of us will help no fixed point where to look.

Mary Good luck on your new adventure, concentrate on what you do and the results will flow by themselves.

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  1. Elena

    Lo vas a hacer muy bien!!! Coje fuerzas para la nueva temporada!!

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