María Herrera gets his second victory in the CEV

María Herrera consigue su segunda victoria en el CEV

The pilot Estrella Galicia Junior Team up to the first step of the podium in a brilliant career. Her fellow category, Sara Sánchez Montse Costa finished 24th and 31st.

The 5th round of the CEV was raced this weekend at the Circuito de Navarra.

In Moto3, Maria Herrera suffered a fall in the first timed Saturday and the second, improvement was difficult, so I had to start from sixth place. In career, staged a great start, placing second at the first corner. The first step finish line, Mary and leading the race and only dared Medina cope. With three laps to go, leading Ramírez Medina and her ahead, Maria entered finishing straight, opening and when the end of it, he got inside position beating his opponents. This advancement gave the second victory of the season.

Maria Herrera: It was a difficult race. I have gone pretty well and I've placed behind Gardner, but it has been difficult to overtake. When I succeeded, I tried to calm me to keep the pace he had in training, but I saw that they were behind and could not go faster. He has advanced Medina, it has been a tough opponent and straight end me I've played and I managed to pass. At the end of the race I felt quite moved the rear of the bike, but I followed concentrated and I could win the race.

Sara Sánchez, who started 30th, remained in that position almost the entire race. The Catalan had problems with the front throughout the weekend. At last he recovered positions and crossed the finish line 24th.

Sara Sánchez: I have maintained the position at the start and from there it was a constant struggle with the bike. I enjoyed bouncing in front. We must work to solve these problems, to try to be a little more competitive

The other category fémina, Montse Costa, which stood at 36th place on the grid, did a good start career and became 31st, but in the last half of the race he started losing positions, but managed to advance again and finish 31st.

One more win for Mary, reaffirming the quality of his driving. Toledo faces the weekend at the first World Cup, in the circuit and has seen him win, Motorland

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Photographer: David Clares and CEV Repsol

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  1. Qk

    Espero que esta niña, jove y mujer, sea un sello en el paso del tiempo. Me encantaría verla más en lo alto y lo que más deseo, sin que sirva de precedente, ver las reacciones sociales y mucho más las de sus compañeros. La seguiré de cerca.

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