María Herrera gets fourth in the UEM European Championship

María Herrera consigue la cuarta plaza en el UEM European Championship

The Oropesa, after starring in a big race, got a fourth place ranking it as the best women classified in a European Championship.

Last weekend was played at the Albacete circuit European Championship Speed. In the category of Moto3 involved the usual three females in the CEV, Ana Carrasco, Maria Herrera and Montserrat Costa.

Maria performed Friday practice quietly and without expectations, pero el sábado conseguía la novena plaza de la parrilla. The Sunday race, the pilot Monlau Competition, did not make a good start and crossed the finish line in fifteenth position, preceded by Ana Carrasco. After four laps, Mary began to star in his comeback and stood at the twelfth place. A drop in front of the race and the pace of the pilot, that began to roll faster than the leader, la llevaban a la octava posición poco antes de llegar al meridiano de la carrera. Tres vueltas después ya era sexta y seguidamente un error de un piloto del grupo predecesor la colocaba quinta. When there were five laps to finish, performed a great braking at the end of line, surpassing the pilot chasing. Was already fourth, with great pace, pero el piloto perseguidor no se lo puso fácil y durante los últimos compases de la carrera luchó por esa preciada cuarta plaza que tenía su nombre. A result at the height of Mary, who has had a very unfortunate Championship Spain.

So, since in 2009 and not the female category will be played in the championship, María Herrera is proclaimed as the best woman classified Europe and what is more important, just inside the top five. Our congratulations.

The other two female participants also did really well. Ana Carrasco who started the thirteenth place, was, virtually the entire race rolling in tenth position, but with three laps to finish was overcome and ending in eleventh place. Meanwhile Montserrat Costa who left thirty, and had won eight positions in the twenty-second.

Published 12/10/2012

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