María Herrera closed a brilliant season

María Herrera cierra una brillante temporada

Two wins, three podiums and 102 points, Here are some facts that make clear, the great season he has starred in the pilot Junior Team Estrella Galicia.

The last test Championship of Spain was held this weekend Circuito de Jerez.

Maria Herrera reached that test how overall leader with a one point lead with six more pilots chances of clinching the title.

Both free practice sessions, timed like were good for Mary. He got the third fastest time which led to fifth place on the grid.

He had a brilliant career start and already in the first round leader stood, but all were very strong and intense overtaking lived during the next turn. While completing the third round, between Nieto and Peluqui, the de Oropesa is going down, not likely to get back on track with an injured wrist, in which fortunately, only has a bruise.

Final unfair for the great season that made the pilot. Mary has excited us, made us get up from the couch and more than one has even made us mourn for joy, but especially, He has given us all the opportunity to dream of owning a Champion Spain, rather, has confirmed that the assumption that a woman can win.

Finally he was fourth overall.

Thanks Mary!

Maria Herrera: The weekend went well, Friday we were front and Saturday beat my own record, something that made me get to the race very motivated. I started well, My main objective was to control Medina, but Quartararo beginning to get away and I wanted to go for it. Among Nieto and Peluqui I have opened more decisively and I've put up more sharply and I lost control. But I'm happy, We had a great season, always setting good times and placing ourselves in points.

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