Maria Giro, Best fémina in 3 Days Trial Santigosa

Maria Giró, mejor fémina en los 3 Días Trial Santigosa

With a 52nd position, Maria Giro was the best female pilot in the popular 3 Days Trial Santigosa.

As has become tradition, the 3 Days Trial in Santigosa have played in the middle of Holy Week. A total of 239 pilots among which we found four females, Neus Murcia, Maria Giro, Maddalen Aizpurúa and Alba Lara.

The test, which began last Friday, consisted of three days to thirty different areas and a total of 40km daily. The "non-stop" formula which makes the test more dynamic remained. There was no hardship categories, all areas were blue or difficulty level medium-high.

Maria Giro highlighted as the best Female pilot with a 52nd place overall, being 11th in the Junior category. It was followed Maddalen Aizpurúa in 113th position (32ª in Senior), Neus Murcia 133ª (7Th at Cadet) and Alba Lara 144ª (24ª Junior).

Maria Giro: "The 3 Days Trial in Satigosa are hard. The first two days have gone well, but the last day, fatigue and pressure to lose the 52nd Square, since it was level on points with another rider, They did that complicate the day. Finally 52nd and better fémina. I am very happy, I really enjoyed it ".

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Photos: Trial Photoblog

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