Maria Costello, mentora de la FIM Europe Women’s European Cup

Maria Costello, mentora de la FIM Europe Women's European Cup

The British pilot exercise as a coach and mentor to the young promises of speed.

Maria Costello, outstanding female pilot and member of the FIM Commission for Women in Motorcycling, It shall act as coach and mentor of young riders taking part in this year's inaugural FIM Europe ‘Women’s European Cup’.

The ‘Women’s European Cup’ will be part of the PATA European Junior Cup, Honda driven, and integrate female drivers competing on horses Honda CBR 650 identical, equal in the Junior European Cup but under its own championship.

Mary has garnered success in both sprints and short circuit tests and besides being a member of the FIM Commission for Women in Motorcycling, organizes specialized training sessions for women. Appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire 2009, English pilot sample excited about her new role in FIM Europe ‘Women’s European Cup’.

Maria Costello: “This format is very important, why will help develop young female runners. I am very glad that I have decided to be her mentor and am waiting very eager to start working with all participants in the forthcoming 'Training Camp', en abril, and throughout the season”.

Nita Korhonen (Director of the FIM Commission for Women in Motorcycling): “When we started our project Road Racing, less than two years ago, we had no idea that so many improvements and come as soon for pilots. The creation of the FIM Europe ‘Women’s European Cup’ eleva el perfil de la mujer en el deporte al tiempo que permite a las pilotos competir en igualdad de condiciones con los talentos jóvenes masculinos, which is of course our main goal. Our committee is very pleased to be part of this great championship”.

Source: World SBK

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