Mar Acebes touches the podium Mini Endurance Trophy with a Vespa

Mar Acebes roza el podio en el Trofeo Mini Endurance con una Vespa

The Madrid with his teammate took the 4th place in the race 3h resistance to scooters, Wasps y minmotards.

The third test Trofeo Mini Endurance this weekend was played in the Karting de Motorland.

Sea already knew the layout, because this year has already played two runs in it on a Wasp, but this time changed team, 58 Racing Team, only two drivers plus bike also changed, This time would use a Wasp 200, when he had previously done with 125cc.

In the timed his companion suffered a fall without serious consequences, the bike was diminished, so Sea He went for the mandatory laps to be grilled. After reviewing the bike, confirmed that the problems came because there was a crooked rim, something we did without problem, may take part in the race normally.

The formation of grilled became herringbone, and the legendary endurance races Lemans the Catalonia. The Roommate Sea was commissioned to give the first round and after 45 minutes ceded the bike, he looked comfortable, He returned to the relay box. When the bike again Sea would be the last laps, rolled in 4th position and move to the third step of the podium was complicated, because the opponent was four laps, so the Madrid concentrated on keeping the pace and not fail, finally crossed the finish line in 4th place.

Mar Acebes: I am very happy, I felt very comfortable on the bike and I managed to improve my best time here. It has made me very short, I finally returned has enjoyed a career, something he had not done since my accident 2012 while going for the Kawasaki Ninja Cup in Sherry. This 4th place tastes like glory. Now it is well prepared for the next, because there is likely to be on podium.

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