Mar Acebes tells how was the Women Training Camp

Mar Acebes nos cuenta cómo fue el Women Training Camp

The last February was held the second Women Training Camp with the participation Mar Acebes, one of the women more involved in motorsport in Spain. She tells us in this interview how he was.

MF: How have you been riding the BMW S1000RR?

MA: The BMW is very easy to handle and all we have adapted perfectly to the bike. Has an excellent performance on track.

MF ¿ Cuántas pilotos habéis participado?

MA: We have been 20 pilots in several countries, Spain, France, Germany, Finland, Canada ...

MF What was the primary language used by the Organization?

MA: Todo se hacía en ingles. Pero eso tampoco fue ningún problema para quien no controlábamos mucho el idioma. There was always someone around who helped out if you needed.

MF: Los instructores han sido María Costello e Ismael Bonilla, Was a luxury?

MA: And, the truth is that we had some excellent monitors. A Ismael I know him for a while, and I knew that both track and off we could teach many things. Es un gran piloto y muy buen monitor. María fue mi monitora durante los tres días. If you already admirable as pilot, como persona y como monitora se supera con creces. Una de esas personas que merece la pena conocer.

MF: ¿La enseñanza prestada se limitó a nivel pilotaje?

MA: No, besides what I learned on track (improve drawn, cornering), had several meetings at which we talked about nutrition and fitness, position on the bike and finding sponsors.

MF: ¿Os informaron si durante este año se haría algún evento en España dedicado a las Féminas?

MA: They said they had planned to organize some more this year, but still there was nothing confirmed.

MF: ¿Fuera del Circuito, en “horario de ocio” cómo fue la convivencia con el resto de compañeras?

MA: They have been 3 days that have shared almost 100% weather. Cuando volvíamos del circuito seguíamos teniendo actividades hasta la hora de ir a dormir. At all times the coexistence was great, with great fellowship where we could learn a lot from each other.

MF: On a personal level, How can you assess the experience?

MA: It was amazing, therefore the learning, as for the people I have met there. It was one of the best experiences I've lived.

MF: Ahora que ya han pasado varios días, when you remember those three days lived both inside and outside the circuit. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

MA: They want to go back! Todavía se me sigue escapando una sonrisa cada vez que me acuerdo o hablo de ello. He disfrutado muchísimo.

MF: ¿Animarías a otras chicas a formar parte del próximo WTC?

MA: Of course I would encourage all the girls who have occasion, participate in some WTC. It is a unique opportunity to share with girls from all over the world, esa misma pasión que nos une a todas. And all with a few monitors luxury and an unbeatable organization.

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