Dreams have no age

Los sueños no tienen edad

Acebes Mar Madrid is a forty-one year old currently working as an instructor at the School of Portalmotos and always liked motorcycles.

Just five years ago he acquired his first bike, Yamaha 250cc and after barely three years, in 2008, began in the competition.

“The truth was all very unexpected, friends signed up to participate in 24h Montmelo, I would help them as team leader, but one of the pilots did not fit and I proposed take their place. I did not think twice. That race hooked me.”

24h In no luck, breaking the bike forced him to leave and there began his career in the world of racing. That same year without any equipment that endorse, only with the help of a friend and pilot, and on a Yamaha R6, began to participate in some races.

Come 2009 He could play the full Cup of Castilian-Manchego females and Pirelli Cup Championship, where he took third and sixth place respectively.

This past season he repeated the same championships, greatly enhancing their participation in the Pirelli Cup where the runner was. Mar has achieved these excellent results thanks to its regularity, because the pilot has yet to climb on top of the podium.

For the season 2011 Madrid hopes to improve their results by repeating their participation in these championships and even if schedules and budget permit enroll in the newly released championship Motodes.

Mar says he fulfilled his dream by participating in 24h Montmelo, but as enterprising and enthusiastic person who is, when making a dream look elsewhere. The new dream, Directions to qualify to run a race in the CEV. Currently Sea and has some sponsors, outside and inside the world of motoring, but any help is good. If you are an entrepreneur / ay you want to enter the world of motor, Mar is an asset.

Published 13/10/2010

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