Laura Rodríguez Martínez and Xenia together in Castilian Manchego Championship

Laura Martínez y Xenia Rodríguez juntas en Campeonato Castellano Manchego

Xenia Rodriguez joins the ranks of Box71 to form tandem with Laura Martinez in the regional Castilla La Mancha.

The Box71 became the first team to put two females on their bikes to compete in the Supersport category. In addition to the women's team for the championship manchego, the Box71 will continue disputing, for the third year, the Championship from Spain, where Laura will be the only female to represent the team.

The female project has two approaches, on the one hand, the possibility that Laura it can be a regular podium in the regional, situation already tasted last season, and learning and evolution Xenia within the world of racing.

Laura Martinez has confirmed his presence in the new Women's Cup Speed which will be held in October at the Circuito de Navarra, while Xenia Retro progress during the season is marked to reach those dates with good performance and to contest said cup.

Clearly, Madrid and Catalan form a tandem that will talk.

Laura Martinez: "We are working very hard to get all the support needed to meet the ambitious project we have proposed this season. This year will be a high level in the Championship of Spain where I will participate for the third year. The results of last year give us the confidence to play, also, the Manchego Castilian Championship, where I think I can do well. Xenia adds to us and certainly among all get to have a great progression. I'm working hard mentally and physically in Adan Racing. After the experience gained in recent seasons I feel very strong and motivated ".

Xenia Rodríguez: "I am very excited and nervous. I really want to start. My goal is none other than to learn and gain experience, something that really sure Laura easier. See an evolution from last year and I would feel satisfied and experienced enough to introduce me to the Women's Cup Speed.

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Photos Xenia Rodrígez: Juan Diego

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