Female pilots Catalan speed passed the podium

Las pilotos femeninas del catalán de velocidad pasaron por el podio

Beatriz Neila Cup Honda CBR250, Noelia Open600 Chaves and Laura Rodriguez Junior Series on the podium in Castellolí as best in its class females.

Speed ​​has started in Catalunya, the Mediterranean Championships was launched this weekend in Castellolí. Four female pilots, Beatriz Neila, Nuria Alvarez, Noelia Keys and Laura Rodríguez are the four brave men who give a feminine touch to this championship.

Beatriz and Nuria share grill on the Copa Honda CBR250, both faced a new category, new bike and new circuit, but also Nuria was premiered in speed. Valencia has experience in asphalt, but his form has always been the supermotard, even so, It has been a very useful test for it, where in each outing has improved and where especially in the first round, showed that with some shooting, will war. In the second a bad start and a problem with the left track does not shine at all. He finished 19th overall.

For Beatriz it is rather to adapt to the new bike and discover new circuits and their rivals. The Madrid proved feisty as ever, in the first leg endured well in their group and waited until the end to enter leader of a group of five riders being 12th. In the next race, his pace was very good and could get rid of the group, but perhaps lacked see the situation before, because once escape was impossible to contact the pilot predecessor and finished tenth, being 11th overall and the podium as best female pilot.

En Open 600, Noelia Keys I had complicated, since this category shares grill Open 1000 and that makes the beginnings are difficult. Noelia He made a good start and the first lap was 14th, then fell to 18th place and there throughout the race remained, seeking their own pace and doing kilometers with 600cc, bike that has yet to be. It was the seventh of its kind and took the podium as best fémina.

Laura Rodríguez participated in Junior Series with the same Honda that will be grilled on the European Women’s Cup. The Swiss also in the process of adaptation and especially knowledge of the Honda CBR650F that being new model racing all components are prototypes and that was a little headache of Laura, because he felt very comfortable on the bike, but problems with the gearbox, a problem that also suffered fellow category. Participation Laura in the Catalan speed has served for miles and have references of his bike before meeting in April to the first race of European women in Motorland. He finished third in class and best female pilot.

The Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship It will be launched next month 26 April in Alcarrás.

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