The sisters Van Buren, the first female biker

Las hermanas Van Buren, las primeras mujeres moteras

The Augusta and Adeline Van Buren sisters listed as the first female biker, by daring to cross the United States motorcycle, in 1916. A year before had done Avis and Effie Hotchkiss, mother and daughter, y Della Crewe, but these were in sidercar.

In 1916, America was about to enter the First World War. Then, Augusta and Adeline, the Gussie and Addie as they were known, had 24 and 22 years respectively. His intention was twofold. Preparation National Movement was an effort to prepare for the inevitable entry of the United States in World War II, Augusta and Adeline felt that women could directly help to become messengers pilots, freeing the men in this function and can focus on combat. That would eliminate one of the main arguments that denied women the right to vote. They had to demonstrate this, showing, without a doubt, that a woman could handle the difficulties of driving a motorcycle in the toughest conditions and long distance.

They began their adventure 4 July 1916 from New York, Indian Power Plus riding a 1000cc and came to Los Angeles 8 September after having to deal with complicated ways, heavy rains, clay, Rocky Mountains and social barriers, as the local police, those who came to arrest on numerous occasions for wearing men's clothing. They became the first women to reach the summit Pikes Peak with a motor vehicle.

Despite success, they rejected the request to serve as messengers pilots in the Army. Reports the leading motorcycle magazine praised the moto of the day, but the sisters and described the trip as “holidays”, even degrading articles in other newspapers accusing them of using national preparedness issue were published, como una excusa para escapar de su papel de amas de casa.

Adeline He continued his career as an educator, and earned his law degree at the University of New York. Augusta he became a pilot Amelia Earhart's Ninety-Nines, international organization of women pilots, playing an important role in the movement for the rights of women.

In 2002, were included in the Hall of Fame AMA Motorcycle and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, and the Hall of Fame in 2003.

Female Motorcycle

Source: Motorcycle Museum; Wikipedia

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