The women of the CEV shine in the Circuit de Catalunya

Las féminas del CEV brillan en el Circuit de Catalunya

Elena Rosell gets the win in Superstock, María Herrera makes a great comeback and scored on both sleeves Moto3 and Sara Sanchez makes a masterful race first touching the points, with a 18th position on both sleeves.

The Championship of Spain began this weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya. Four females were enrolled, Elena Rosell, Maria Herrera, Sara Sanchez and Montserrat Costa. The latter was out of the race, because the large participation of riders in the Moto3 class, made an unfair combined grill on which it SHALL CONDUCT Montse was excluded, having been faster than other drivers if they could win the race.

La lluvia fue la protagonista de todo el fin de semana. La categoria de Moto3, contesting two rounds this time and with a total of 44 pilots.

Elena Rosell arrived Friday at Circuit de Catalunya without preseason, in fact, tan sólo tres días antes comunicaba su participación en la categoría de Superstock junto al Bruno Performance a lomos de una Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R.

The first timing is complicated to Valencia. He had problems with Shifter (Semi change) and could not fetch the time. In the second lap, issues resolved with just over four minutes to finish the session, rapidly came back to make a pole in its class, but they took a red flag for a fall and finally departed from tenth place overall, second in its class.

In the pilot Bruno career Peformance, decided to take it easy in the circumstances of the track, gradually began to find a rhythm and scale positions, once led its category and rolled seventh overall, remained with the aim of passing the finish line in that position. The surprise came later when notifying a career direction Rosell declassification, ya que su Kawasaki no llegaba al peso mínimo establecido por el reglamento. Esto ocurrió debido a que, checks on Friday, the bike was within the limits with slick tires and race tires mounted on the Water (Lighter) and a set of fairings different, Frame has remained a few 3 kg of standard weight.

Bad luck for Manises, that insurance Motorland desmostrará won just by talent.

Elena Rosell: It's a shame what happened, but good, we've actually finished seventh overall and first in Superstock, which is a great result. We assume the declassification and sure we will not pass.

Maria Herrera, he faces his second season in the Championship of Spain, this year it does on a KTM and repeats team, Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0,0.

In the timed Toledana you were nothing good, struggled to find the feeling with the bike and when he did, and was later. He had to start from the fortieth place on the grid.

In the first round he went all out and passing first by finishing line, was twentieth. From there was constant in his pace and his own comeback falls and took her to finish in eleventh position.

If the first manga performed a great start, the second was exceptional, leaving to spend forty sixth in the first turn. He fought in that position a few laps, but gradually lost positions until finishing thirteenth.

Herrera goes home with 8 points that lie fifteenth in the general, we certainly will give many joys this season.

Maria Herrera: As was the track, It is a great result. We leave here with some very important points.

Sara Sachez, fémina new CEV, riding a Honda for Team Larresport, made a brilliant performance.

In the timed already hinted regularity having in his time, as the track recognition makes two, three laps to find where to improve, finds and returns to improve the clock, so on, is what motorcycling is called “be a clock”. Catalan got leave from the thirty-second spot on the grid.

In the first race, Sara also ran very well and exit in the first round twenty-fifth stood and just as Mary, advantage falls and overtaking, ended eighteenth.

There he traced the second set, He spent twenty-sixth, but this time, no hubieron tantas caídas y fue su propio ritmo el que le llevó de nuevo hasta la décimo octava posición.

A great first race, in which was very close to getting points, although this year, Sara should focus on learning.

Sara Sánchez: I'm happier for the second run, since I've been divirtir more. I have seen many riders fall and finish as we finish is to be happy.

Next 25 and 26 May at Motorland.

Published 30/04/2013

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