The women Cup Spain dispute his 3rd test

Las féminas de la Copa de España disputan su 3ª prueba

With a ninth place in Challenge 80cc Beatriz Neila, Pre-Moto3 an eighteenth position to Isis Carreño and final spot for Sara Sanchez and a 24th and 25th place of Laura Matínez, close our females the 3rd round of the Cup of Spain.

Under a radiant sun and a suffocating heat, was played this weekend the 3rd test Cup Spain Albacete.

Beatriz Neila occupied the 16th place on the grid, being the 11th in its category. The Madrid went well and soon was hooked to a group of eight riders, was ahead until you reach the second position of the group that marched. At that time he started the show, Past constant between it and its predecessor, where neither gave in and both wanted to lead the group. Finally it was Beatriz who won the pulse and even began to put land in between, but a failure of the Halcourier MS on the last lap, was the perfect opportunity for rivals kicked out seeing the checkered flag in 14th place overall, 9ª in its class.

Beatriz Neila: ” We have made a good start and we have been holding a group of eight riders. I have begun to overtake and I have been back to see which was better pass on. Once done, I managed to lead my group several times, but just in the last, I made a mistake and I have spent two pilots before reaching goal. Very happy with the result, despite the problems we had with the bike. I would've had a great fight.”

Which was not so lucky was Sara Sánchez, who suffered a career haul anything be output. The Catalan climbed back on the bike and into box to fix the handlebar of your PreMoto3 and to continue, but it was too late, so ended the twenty-eighth and final.

Sara Sánchez: “The whole weekend has gone wrong, had much bounce, appeared in the warm up we had solved, but just out, I have swept away. We tried to get the bike in top condition, but it was impossible to fight.”

Of the Fau55 Racing, He lived opposite, after a weekend with some problems, Isis Carreño was consolidated at the 18th place in the standings, having started from 27th on the grid. Thus, Isis gets his best result of the season staying closer to the points.

Isis Carreño: “It's been a difficult weekend. High temperatures me have complicated. In career, I have been left a bittersweet taste, it is certain that is my best result and the points were close, but I think with a couple of laps I could have taken the rider in front of me.”

Up to three races has congressman this weekend Laura Martinez. Apparently the double sleeve should play in Cup Spain I knew a little and also participated in the Manchego Castilian Championship. Getting a 24th and 25th place in the Cup Spain and the Manchego Castilian Championship with a 14th place, plus a 9th in Manchego Cup which takes place in the same race.

Laura Martinez:Friday started very well, but Saturday penalize a little. The first race was contested on Saturday last for the heat and fatigue all day, Unlike all the manga played at the Manchego where I could hook the group and improve my times. In the second round of the Cup has been infernal, tired. I'm happy, because we have improved many things technically.”

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