CEV girls prepared for the fourth test

Las chicas del CEV preparadas para la cuarta prueba

Maria Herrera, Sara Sanchez and Elena Rosell form grid tomorrow. Montserrat Costa fails to qualify for the race.

The day of the 4th timed test CEV was held today at the Circuito de Albacete. The great inscription of pilots in the category of Moto3, forcing race direction to divide the pilots into two groups to conduct practice sessions.

Responsible for opening the session has been Elena Rosell. Valencia still struggling to find the tuning between the Superstock and slicks. Tomorrow will start 22nd overall, 4ª in its class.

Elena Rosell: Overall we still have the same problems, work is to find how to configure my Kawasaki the slicks Michelin. But hey, today's result is not bad, in my category are all close together and tomorrow will race.

In Moto3 in group A were Mary and Montse. In the first timed Mary engine broke and barely gave seven laps. In the second timed got better time marked by the morning, time that takes the 19th place on the grid.

Maria Herrera: In the first timed I could just shoot because we have blown engine and the second timed I could not give a clear lap, They had many pilots, both front who were unemployed, as hooked on my wheel. It is not the result I expected but tomorrow I will go all out race.

Montse Costa has failed to qualify. Fourteen pilots have been left out of the race.

Meanwhile, Sara Sánchez rolling in group B, marked his time in the timing of the morning, since just before starting the second began a brief rain, that lasted long enough to pester pilots. Sara will 32nd.

Sara Sánchez: This morning when I mounted new tires, I felt very comfortable and I dropped my time, but I could just make two turns with him. On the next lap I could not do anything because of the rain.

Tomorrow you can see Moto2 at 12 and Moto3 a la 13h, through Energy.

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