Laia Sanz and Rosa Romero star in a historic Dakar

Laia Sanz y Rosa Romero protagonizan un histórico Dakar

The fantastic ninth place overall Laia Sanz and the first Dakar goal for Rosa Romero make this Dakar 2015 It closes with great note for female motorcycle.

Laia Sanz arrived in Buenos Aires with the aim of finishing in the top fifteen, but the truth is we all expected it in the top ten in his first year with the Team Honda HRC, but no one dared to shout from the rooftops that the Dakar It is very special, savor the victory one day and the next have to leave.

Of the KH-7 was maintained at all stages in the top 20, except in the 5th stage that made 8th and 5th stage 8 made, a game of numbers quirk of fate. In the fifth stage came rolling in podium, thing that ever a woman has achieved. At the end, 9ª general, just a place ahead of Christine Martin, who led ranking of women since in 1981 It became the tenth place. 34 years had to pass and 5 holdings by Broad in Dakar to become the highest ranked woman in the history of Dakar Rally.

A 9th position that outshines a fact very relevant, this is 5 Sometimes winner Female Dakar Rally and even to Andrea Mayer completed editions.

I could write a thousand other things that make it unique and different, but the truth is that there is nothing that was said earlier about Laia Sanz.

After four attempts, in his fifth appearance, Rosa Romero manages to make his dream come true, reaching the final podium Rally Dakar. It has done 52nd after making a brilliant progression, where every day improved their position on the stage and gave strides in general. An Pink cautious and prudent that has managed the day to become the thirteenth woman who terminates a Dakar, Spanish being the third.

Of Pilot Women have shown that perseverance is the only road to success.

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