Laia Sanz and Rosa Romero prepared for the Dakar

Laia Sanz y Rosa Romero preparadas para el Dakar

Everything is ready for the toughest race there commencement.

Laia Sanz and Rosa Romero arrive at Dakar not only as the only Spanish, but as the only women, so if any of them just, title Champion Féminas will return Spain another year.

A total of 196 Participants will take next exit 4 January in Rosario, Argentina with the aim of reaching fourteen days after Valparaiso, Chile.

Our pilots have a very different challenge, while Broad sets as a goal to finish in the 25 first, to Pink follow all the steps and see the first goal would be successful.

Laia Sanz: We have tuned the bike in terms of engine and suspension, though in truth it was very easy and quick, because Honda is fantastic and the team has worked very well. Now you're all ready and I'm ready to start.

Rosa Romero: I am prepared and motivated to realize my dream, reach the goal. Wear a good bike and great backpacker. I'm sure if I have to finish a bit of luck and do the right things.

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