Laia Sanz holds the record for stroke gas

Laia Sanz tiene el récord a un golpe de gas

Follow eighth, now with a lead of 1'52 "on the ninth after finishing the penultimate stage in tenth place. The pilot KH-7 and Team Honda HRC will make history tomorrow if just between the 10 first, a score ever achieved by a woman on bikes in the Dakar Rally.

Eighth or ninth, no matter how I ended tomorrow Laia Sanz its fifth participation in the Dakar Rally. Being on the top 10 was not their goal. Of KH-7 challenge posed as being among the 15 first. Gulped when he said, aware that there were thirty pilots of the highest level and that the Dakar is a tougher test -the off-road competitions- in which everything can end at any moment. Missing one day and, if nothing unforeseen happens, the first Female pilot official history Honda HRC will cross the finish line in Buenos Aires between 10 first, a dream "I never dreamed”, confesses, to be realized.

The truth is that in the penultimate stage, between Termas de Río Hondo and Rosario, with a special 298 kilometers, Broad He finished eighth overall as, but has seen their lead over ninth, Ivan Jakes, a 1’52”. In the special stage, of Corbera de Llobregat was tenth at 12'42 "the first and 9'34" Jakes.

Laia Sanz shown exultant a day to make history, since no woman has managed to finish the Dakar below the tenth place: “

The last day of Dakar Rally 2015 will be held on Saturday between Rosario and Buenos Aires, a link 219 kilometers and a time trial 174.

Laia Sanz: "It was a little physical stage and at first I was quite favorable. I started with the intention of letting Jakes approached five or six minutes, because he takes two or three days very strong attacking and taking risks. I have very clear that I have exceeded my expectations and I have no need to expose myself to a fall. The problem is that today I had to drive over a hundred kilometers in the dust of Fabien Planet and no way to pass. The track was very dangerous, poor grip, curves slamming and some dangers that were not in the roadbook. I've done a couple of straight and seen enough traces of past braking. The powder was crazy overtaking, so I've had to resign and be patient until I could pass. There have escaped a few minutes ", tells the pilot KH-7. Finishing ninth or eighth me is almost the same. I've done a very good Dakar, be among the top ten is incredible. Tomorrow I will focus on just enjoy the day not commit any error and reach the goal ".

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