Laia Sanz remains in the top ten

Laia Sanz se mantiene en el top ten

In the second stage of the Dakar marathon 2015, la pluricampeona ha finalizado en 12ª posición a 12’02”. It stays on top 10 with just over 23 minutes difference to the sixth and 21 lead over ninth.

Two days after completing the first stage without assistance, motorbikes have started their second marathon, in the special tenth and when only missing three days to finalize the Rally Dakar 2015. Laia Sanz He was 12th at 12'02 "from his partner in the Team Honda HRC Joan Barreda, who is awarded the victory.

The pilot KH-7 maintains eighth overall at 23'46 "sixth (David Casteu) and 23'20 "Seventh (Ruben Faria). Behind, Laia only have to worry about Ivan Jakes, Marching 20'51 ninth of Barcelona.

This Thursday, pilots have to pass the second part of the marathon stage, between Salta and Termas de Río Honda, with 161 link kilometers and a special 351.

Laia Sanz: "I feel good, a little tired, but much better than yesterday, although the day was long, with 12 hours on the bike and step by Los Andes 5.000 meters at -10. It was the prettiest of the Dakar, very fast, comfortable and fun riding. Only I had a difficult time for waypoint that appeared in the roadbook, but that did not really exist. Allí he perdido unos dos o tres minutos hasta que me he dado cuenta de que no había nada y que tenía que seguir. Estoy muy bien en la general y voy controlando a Jakes para intentar mantener la octava posición. It is my goal now not fixed me in which I have in front, so I would've taken it easy not to risk "

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