Laia Sanz saves his Honda from a fire

Laia Sanz salva su Honda de un incendio

His bike caught fire, pero la piloto de KH-7 logró apagar el fuego con arena antes de que fuera demasiado tarde. La ‘Reina del Dakar’ acabó la etapa en 26ª posición y había subido hasta el 16º puesto de la general, but a penalty of one hour skip a waypoint the delays to the 22nd place.

Broad continues to exceed the toughest tests Dakar 2014. In the fifth stage, between Chilecito and Tucumán, pilot KH-7 has crossed the line in 26th position, a 49’28”. He had climbed two positions to 16th place, but a penalty of one hour skip a waypoint has delayed until the 22nd place overall. Newly, many drivers have not been able to overcome the enormous difficulty of a day in which high temperatures have jeopardized the career development.

For the Catalan was still a promising stage, where he began marking the 10th fastest time passing through the waypoint 1. Somewhat later I had the shock of fire, that nearly cost him Dakar.

From there, Broad lapped very aware of their Honda CRF450 Rally and acknowledges having lost concentration, something that has taken its toll

Of KH-7, que ya empieza a estar recuperada de un virus estomacal. Mañana sexta etapa, between Tucuman and Salta, with 465 kilometers, of which only 65 They will travel by road. At the end of the day, will reach the expected day of rest before tackling the second part of the race.

Laia Sanz: Seemed to be in a hell. In the sand area was very hot, the temperature was high and nothing happened air. He had lost pilots and dehydrated everywhere. The organization was not sufficient to bring water to another and with all the chaos have decided to eliminate the second tranche. The so high and dry vegetation in the area had made some twigs could sneak into the holes of the bike and the heat began to burn. Fortunately, he podido apagarlo antes de que fuera demasiado tarde echando arena. Estaba tan preocupada por si sucedía de nuevo y si habría afectado a la moto que he cometido un error de navegación. There has been no way to find the waypoint kilometer 162. They did not finish the race over 50 the 60 motorcycles. Yesterday I finished shattered, but today I feel much better. I hope that the bike, that is great, as I endure to the end.

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