Laia Sanz: “I never imagined finish in the top ten”

Laia Sanz: "Nunca hubiera imaginado acabar entre los diez primeros"

A last minute penalty Joan Barreda and Jordi Viladoms leaves Broad en una histórica 7ª posición de etapa. The pilot KH-7 acknowledged that he had never imagined something like, tras acabar la novena etapa entre los diez primeros. In general earn a spot and it's 16th, a quarter of an hour the Bolivian Juan Carlos Salvatierra.

We run out of words to describe the performance of Laia Sanz in this Dakar 2014. The pilot KH-7 has outdone herself in the 9th stage of the rally to cross the finish line in a remarkable 9th place, only 14 minutes 34 seconds of the first, after 422 competitive kilometers. In the general, occupies an excellent 16th place.

However, Surprise jumped late day when the race direction announced sanctions paths 15 Joan Barreda minute, Speeding, and Jordi Viladoms, engine change. In this way, Broad He gained two seats on the stage and finally ends 7th, which is the best classification of a woman in the Dakar motorbikes in more than three decades. In the general, of Corbera de Llobregat occupies an excellent 16th place, now 16'47 "the 15th, Bolivian Juan Carlos Salvatierra.

Follow disbelievingly. Two days ago Laia Sanz was surprised herself with that achieved 12th place on the 7th day of the rally, que igualaba su mejor registro en esta competición. La proeza de la 'Queen of Dakar' becomes more valuable if possible by a small query regarding your road book that has forced slow progress in particular has been very rapid.

Laia Sanz will start tomorrow with the 16th place overall underarm. Ahead will stage the 10th -and only missing four for the final-, between Iquique and Antofagasta, with the longest special for motorbikes (631 competitive kilometers).

Laia Sanz: Nunca hubiera imaginado que un día podría acabar entre los diez primeros. Cuando he llegado al refueling y he visto que no venía nadie detrás he empezado a pensar que estaba haciendo una buena etapa, but thought it would be among the first fifteen, no la novena. I'm super happy, but every day just so. It is still a Dakar very good for me. I feel good with my riding and the bike is amazing, and also the results accompany. What else I can ask?. El duodécimo puesto del año pasado estuvo muy bien, but underneath was a rare stage in which many people lost. Esta vez ha sido en una etapa normal y eso me hace estar más satisfecha aún. Hacia el kilómetro 200 I crashed the button of the road book and I had to go through the pages manually so that at times I had to lose some pace. I think it has gone well until, porque en las dunas quizá eso me haya hecho navegar mejor. La etapa ha sido muy rápida y tenía algunos peligros serios, but I rode very concentrated avoiding any risk. The last 50 kilometers of dunes have been spectacular, especially when you culminas the big dune and see the ocean. It was a special day.

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