Laia Sanz no fault in one of the toughest stages

Laia Sanz no falla en una de las etapas más complicadas

In the second stage is finished 16th, a result that joined the 17th place yesterday had the best start in five appearances in the Dakar for the pilot KH-7.

The second stage of Rally Dakar, between Villa Carlos Paz and San Juan, has been devastating: over 500 competitive kilometers and a final rough section under 40 degree weather. And despite this, Laia Sanz has managed to climb to the top 15 achieving 16th place, to 23'20 behind the winner of the special, his partner in the Team Honda HRC Joan Barreda.

The result of the pilot KH-7 andntraña great merit, since it occurs only have played two stages and all competitive riders are racing. For the current winner Female Trophy Dakar, this is the best start to run in five appearances.

Broad has come to roll in 13th position in the second half of the special and, even, it was the fastest way point between the third 5 and 6, exceeding by more than three and a half minutes to Joan Barreda and Marc Coma. In recent 100 kilometers lost 10 minutes has dropped to 16th place equally extraordinary.

Morning, third stage between San Juan and Chilecito with 437 link kilometers 220 Special.

Laia Sanz: "The stage was very hard but the last 100 kilometers have been fatal, with 40 degrees fesh fesh area awkward and then an end portion on bumpy sand. Para mí tienen poca importancia los resultados. I will not deny that I'm glad to be in these positions and is a good sign, but this has just started and there you go every day, step by step without obsessing about a position. The important thing is to go out every day later to avoid dust ".

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