Laia Sanz: “Very happy with the performance of the Honda”

Laia Sanz: "Muy contenta con las prestaciones de la Honda"

La piloto de KH-7 y el Team Honda HRC está protagonizando un inicio de carrera extraordinariamente sólido y regular. Está a sólo tres segundos del top 15 after finishing in 17th place in the third stage, medium and the winner nine minutes of the day.

Laia Sanz keep going nearer the top 15 after completion of the third stage, between San Juan and Chilecito, in 17th position, to 9'28 "winner, Today the Austrian Matthias Walkner. In the general, pilot KH-7 remains in 16th position at 34'14 ", but since only three seconds Riaan Van Niekerk, 15th.

The 16 time world champion is demonstrating not only a spectacular start but very regular: takes three days installed in the same general position (on the opening day was 17th but a penalty five minutes Javier Pizzolito made him forward seat). His pace is solid, does not yield large differences with the pilots reference, It is 11 minutes from top 10, and just over 15 Jeremiah concerning Israel (8º) y Helder Rodrigues (9º), his fellow Team Honda HRC closest in Table.

In the third stage, Laia has returned to film in 13th position, very steady and holding for much of the day a distance of 5 minutes in relation to the head of the race, but in the last section has been more conservative and has finished giving 4 minutes.

Tomorrow caravan Dakar will cross the Paso de San Francisco to almost 5.000 meters to enter Chile, where he held a special 315 timed kilometers. In total motorcycle cover 910 km route.

Laia Sanz: "Today everything went well again. The stage was easier than before and that is appreciated after finishing dehydrated in palizón we stick yesterday. The first part was pretty quick and I've run well, very happy with the performance of the Honda. But in recent 40 kilometers were many stone and I dropped the pace a bit to reduce unnecessary risks. Before he had a small crash unimportant to catch a bush on the handlebars, but has not been anything. Fitness and well tone forces, but suffered dehydration is noted in the second stage ".

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