Laia Sanz, the highest ranked woman in Dakar

Laia Sanz, la mujer mejor clasificada en un Dakar

The pilot KH-7 and Team Honda HRC has broken all barriers to enter the top 10 and achieve better classification of a woman in the 37 editions of the rally raid world's toughest.

Laia Sanz has ended Rally Dakar 2015 in a historic 9th absolute position. Never before had a woman come so high in the history of the toughest rally in the world. In this way, pilot KH-7 and Team Honda HRC debunks a la French Christine Martin, in 1981 finished 10th.

The Catalan rider was 10th in the 13th and last stage of the rally, a 7’55” de Ivan Jakes, winner of the special. Precisely, the 16 time world champion played with Slovak 8th place overall. Broad He started the day defending well Jakes attack and the way point 2 were kept in an excellent second place to scratch 15 seconds of your opponent.

However, the course was in very poor condition due to heavy rains, why the organization of proof shortened special at CP2. A few kilometers before this makeshift goal, Broad has been dropped on a very slippery with mud area and lost valuable minutes. It's just the story of a remarkable career for Laia Sanz, which has closed its fifth consecutive triumph with a 9th place. The best result for a woman in such physical and extreme sports modality as the Rally Dakar.

The result highlights for the pilot KH-7 was 5th place he achieved in the eighth stage, a day which came rolling in third place 44 seconds of the first when only missing 38 kilometers from the finish. Also, It was the first time in history in which a woman was ready to fight for a stage win 37 issues Rally Dakar.

Laia Sanz: “I am very happy with the career I've done and for an outcome that would never have dreamed. When I reached the goal I hugged my people and I could not help but let a crybaby. The emotions are very intense when you reach the end of a stiffer test and the result makes them even more so. It's been a tough rally where a lot has happened and we have all suffered greatly until the end. In the last stage I had my only hang around the rally. Has been in the mud that has formed, between km 84 and 100. Until then he was doing very well in the special, but on reaching the mud is complicated all. The track was fatal and the bike skidded me back and I ended up walking out ears [flying over the handlebars]. I twisted the handlebars and I lost a few minutes. Of course I would have liked to finish eighth but the Dakar has surprises until the last moment,, we must be realistic, between a position and the other not many differences. Finishing ninth is an incredible result. The key has been having a great bike, being able to train more than other years and have made two prep races, have the dose of luck is needed because in the Dakar Many things happen, not suffered falls (until today), mechanical care, be successful in navigation and have increased my pace motorcycle. I want to thank, especially Honda and HRC for trusting me and giving me such a good bike as CRF450 RALLY, a KH-7 for always being by my side, all the sponsors for supporting, the whole team, my mechanic Alberto and Virginia who have been with me working every day in the Dakar, to all who help me, my family and friends and all fans to follow me and send me mood”.

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