Laia Sanz makes history in its passage through the Merzouga Rally

Laia Sanz hace historia en su paso por el Merzouga Rally

The driver of the Honda HRC Merzouga Rally ends with a sixth place and becoming the first woman to win a stage of raid Motorcycle.

The Merzouga Rally Sunday was beginning with the prologue. A prologue in which Laia Sanz acababa en primera posición.

The first stage choked Catalan, a navigational error caused ran out of gas and that led to eighth place overall. La mala suerte le siguió acompañando en la segunda etapa donde se rompió el soporte de los instrumentos de navegación de su moto quedando relegada a la novena plaza.

Then, came the third, the marathon stage, and Broad again surprised everyone by winning and becoming the first woman to win a stage of raid Motorcycle. The victory gave him a breath of fresh air and pushed to fourth place overall. The sixth place in the penultimate stage, mantenía su posición.

Laia Sanz takes leave of Merzouga Rally winning in females and a sixth place in absolute and, clearly, more prepared to face the Dakar.

Laia Sanz: "Today I have a lot of fun because the special looked like a motocross race. It was short but intense in the first round was first, all behind. In the final part, Ullevaalseter ever happened to me a river and I finished second, although I am very happy. I am satisfied that this raid has helped me gain confidence in navigation and that will be very important for the Dakar. Physically he has also been a great workout, though I'm tired and, after three weeks in Morocco, and I have wanted to go home ". La victoria conseguida en la tercera etapa tiene un gran valor para mí, especially since there are rivals high level Ullevaalseter [second in the Dakar 2010]”.

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