Laia Sanz completes a historic Dakar

Laia Sanz finaliza un Dakar histórico

He has regained the female trophy motorcycles and has become the woman getting a better outcome for stage (7Th place) en más de tres décadas de rally. Ha superado todas las expectativas y después de rodar entre los mejores, has finished in the 16th position absolute Motorcycle.

The romance between Laia Sanz and history is maintained. The pilot KH-7, at the controls of a Honda CRF450 Rally, Saturday has crossed the finish of the last stage of Dakar at the 16th position, it has achieved in the absolute final classification Motorcycle. Close, so, his best result in this competition (in 2011 and 2012 was 39th and 2013, 93ª) and far exceeds the goal it set before starting: finish in the 25-30 first.

This was his fourth consecutive and fourth ends, which gives a good account of the reliability and the courage 15 time world champion (13 trial and 2 Enduro). And last but not least, has regained paragraph of females of Dakar, being also the only girl who has reached the goal on two wheels.

Broad It has beaten all its brands this year and all time. First he equaled his best finish in a stage, when in the seventh day of the rally ended 12th, only 13 minute winner that day. Its high rate, the experience gained in previous years and an almost perfect navigation led to regular operation between 15 best motorcycle riders around the rally, but there would still be time for the 'Queen of Dakar-one of the many nicknames he has earned during the toughest competition in the world- dazzle again.

It was in the ninth stage when he broke all records across the finish line in seventh exceptional, the best result of a woman on bikes in more than three decades of Rally Dakar. Yet a letter was kept for special eleventh, in which over a hundred miles, in the row of dunes of Copiapó, achieved the absolute best lap of that section, ahead of pilots as devoted as Marc Coma, Joan Barreda, Jordi Viladoms and Cyril Despres, among many others.

I only had two critical points throughout the rally: the first to the fifth stage when he suffered an outbreak of fire on his bike the same day as other pilots saw burn their vehicles. The pilot KH-7 lIt ogre extinguish the fire by throwing the bike to the ground and throwing sand, pero pendiente de si se reproducía el problema decidió seguir las trazas de otro piloto y se saltó un punto de paso que le implicó una hora de sanción.

The next and final scare happened in the special 10th, a 20 kilometers from the finish, when he ran out clutch. After receiving help from Honda Pilot Argentina Pablo Rodriguez, and after two hours of makeshift repairs on the track, managed to resume the march.

Laia Sanz: It's amazing complete four Dakar consecutively and the latter, because it has been the hardest of all and I think I did better than ever. I am very, very happy. I could not avoid returning to mourn as when I finished the first, but this time I think I'm most pleased and proud for all the suffering, but usually I've been and the good results. I never imagined being on a stage in the top ten. The best thing is that, regardless of the results, I think I rode with great head, pero con un ritmo rápido que me ha permitido pelear con gente que antes ni olía. Fue una lástima la sanción de una hora. Were very tired from the heat and was very worried about if he ever catch the bike and left a little to one side navigation so at a certain point followed a very experienced pilot in front. He was wrong, and I also. It was the only day I ignored my gut and it was a mistake not to do it, aunque a toro pasado todo se ve más fácil. La moto siempre ha ido de maravilla. It is the best I've ever had and I'm super happy with the change for the better I've done, but in the Dakar the strange thing is it does not happen that day something and fell to me, failed clutch, but the important thing is that might be solved. The truth is that I can not be happier with the Honda.

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