Laia Sanz completes his second Dakar

Laia Sanz finaliza su segundo Dakar

Last year Laia Sanz, pluricampeona de trial, he faced his first Dakar hand Jordi Arcarons, who transmitted perfectly all the skills to enfrentrarse this tough competition. The Catalan managed to win the title of females and ending thirty-ninth (39) in the general, certainly a great result for a beginner. That same year he was awarded the prize awarded by the FIM to “Woman of the Year”, becoming the first Spanish in receiving.

Reached his second chance, fight back against the desert, but this time without Arcarons, with Gas-Gas and support of its main sponsor KH-7. One hundred seventy-seven participants, this year, only two women, she and Rosa Romero, Nani Roma woman, who was forced to leave in the third stage, by requirements of the organization to skip several checkpoints, Thus Laia was the only female representative of the competition.

In general, of Corberá de Llobregat remained very regular, closing stages between quitogésimas and Fortieth Ranks, something that made him stand on the fortieth place overall. It has been hard, in the third stage getting your best thirty fifth position, but was penalized with 40 my. by skipping control. The next day suffered a fall that left her left hand in poor conditions, yet he played a fifth stage. The sixth stage was canceled due to bad weather, something that helped in the recovery of your hand. In the eighth stage she was alone to the desert, teammate, Marc Guasch suffered a fall that took him to the hospital, the pilot is recovering favorably. From there the pilot Gas-Gas was much head, preserving the mechanics of the bike. At the end of the thirteenth stage, Forty going in the general, made the remarks:

"This year we wanted to fight to be near the 30 first, but circumstances have not allowed, has been a tough rally where a lot has happened, but I am very proud of what I did and how I did it. Repeat the 39th is not my goal and barely 30 kilometer special not me I will play. Tomorrow just have to finish. Go to Peru has been a success. The stages of this country have been of the most beautiful race. Today, for example, I really enjoyed myself in the dunes and I sailing well. I am very happy to be here, I hope to return ".

Today the Dakar has ended, Laia has gotten away again, repeating the thirty-ninth position, I am sure that this year has accumulated extensive knowledge, that will take you to get your challenges. We hope to see you next year, crossing rivers, through dunes and fighting for your dream. ¡Grande Broad, very large!

Published 15/01/2011

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