Laia Sanz starts the World Enduro their style, winning

Laia Sanz empieza el Mundial de Enduro a su estilo, ganando
The 15 time world champion leads the enduro championship after beating both races Catalunya GP, que ha abierto la temporada 2014. La piloto de KH-7 se ha adjudicado 12 of 13 special disputed in three days.
Laia Sanz not want to miss any chance to win. On Saturday achieved the first victory of the season at the start of World Enduro, which takes place from Friday in Solsona (Lleida), and this Sunday has been repeating the double triumph over the British Jane Daniels.
The pilot KH-7 thus seeks to ensure their full potential to achieve the third consecutive title of the specialty and achieving record 16 World. Prudente as usual, of Corbera de Llobregat prefer to go step by step.The truth is that Laia Sanz It has become difficult to exhibit a potential equal to the handlebars of their Honda CRF250, as demonstrated in three days of competition has yielded only a partial victory in one of the 13 Special disputed. This Sunday has finished the race with 1'13 "and 1'27 Daniels" about Australian Jessica Gardiner, despite having problems damping.

As happened in the previous two days, the crowd that has gathered in Solsona has unconditionally supported the 15 time world champion.

After the double victory in the Enduro GP of Catalonia, Laia Sanz the overall leader of the world championship enduro female 40 points, 6 but Jane Daniels. The next meeting will be Finnish GP day 6, 7 and 8 June.

Laia Sanz: We took two wins and get us six races to go, yet so much remains, good start but always gives you a slight margin of error and a certain tranquility. Halfway through the first lap I broke the rear shock and has escaped all gas. I do not know how it happened but since then I've had to go only with the spring, what has made me slow down. Otherwise, think it would have lowered my time. Anyway, I am very happy to have achieved victory and for having done such a nice race like this, at home. I felt very sheltered throughout the weekend. Where there was someone cheering. Even with helmet and rolling since the bike I could feel the cheers. It was very special and I want to thank everyone, especially my team.
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