Laia Sanz wins two titles in a weekend

Laia Sanz consigue dos títulos en un fin de semana

The Catalan gets crowned for the 13th time, Trial World Champion and 2nd time World Enduro Champion in one weekend.

The pilot, he played on Friday last test Trial World Championship which was held in the French town of La Chatre, where he has managed to rise again with another world title, with which already adds 13 en esta disciplina. Su victoria ha estado lejos de ser un paseo triunfal. Even at the beginning of the second round, Broad It has come to lag behind its main rival, British Emma Bristow, following a rigorous penalty of five points in an area, which left the Catalan momentarily the coveted title. Fortunately, the pluricampeona has reacted with his usual courage to finish taking the win home, the 32nd of his career in the world of women's trial. To which include having won the title, contesting only three of the two races that comprise the championship, since the dates match World Enduro.

Within hours Sanz viajaba hacia Saint-Flour, where disputed the Enduro GP of France. La prueba ha entrañado una complicada gestión, since the rains left the tour on Saturday impracticable. They even had to suspend the third lap of the course. In the second race, was cut even more drastic: The race organization has removed much of the plot and left only a special timed (el cross test), that the participants had to perform twice. A Broad He has skated her bike on a ridge and has fallen into a hole in which he has invested much time to get out and start driving again. But the two second places achieved on both sleeves, have been enough to proclaim the second consecutive year Enduro World Champion.

Fifteen world titles are accumulating, something that clearly demonstrates the genius of this champion.

Laia Sanz: I am very happy and tired. It was a weekend suffer a bit because you could win, but could also lose everything. At the end, although I'm not very happy with the race today and yesterday, has reached the target, so I'm very happy. Further, after winning also the trial, that's incredible. I can not ask for more, especially because he believed that it could not combine the two. I have lived a very hard year and I value these successes especially. So I feel even more proud.

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Source and photos: Mediage Communication

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